Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back in Action--Ready to Qualify in Boise, Idaho

First of all, I'm sorry that I took another full week off from blogging. After my early exit from the Tour's Utah Championship, I traveled to Kansas City with a great attitude and a good golf game, but I didn't play well in the Monday Qualifier for last week's event. My game is still good, however, and after failing to qualify last Monday, I was inspired to sign up for this week's Monday Qualifier for the Tour's Boise Open. So, after a quick three-day stay in my beautiful east Tennessee home, I flew to Boise on Saturday and had a full day of preparation at the qualifying course on Sunday. I tee it up at 9:50 Idaho time on Monday morning, and I will be ready to play well.

I have been struggling to make birdies my last couple times out in competition, but I am going to turn that around. Though I'm not intirely thrilled with the week of work that I had this past week, I had some great sessions with the putter, and I feel like I am ready to get back on track with that club. In addition to that, I feel like my attitude and mindset are very good. I'm hitting the ball well, too, so I know that great things are coming! Keep it here for more information and for a report from the Monday Qualifier in Boise. Thank you for following me and for your loyal support.

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