Monday, November 15, 2010

Ready at Redstone

I've had two days of practice at Redstone Golf Club in Humble, TX, and I'm ready to get going tomorrow. I have played two practice rounds at the course, and while my game has been just a little bit off the last couple of days, I feel like my practice rounds were really productive, and I know my way around the course well. I have hit some lousy shots the last couple days, but everything still feels really good. I am going to have a good week!

The golf course is LONG. It's been rainy and chilly for both practice rounds, and I have played from the back of every tee box, but even though the weather is supposed to improve and the tournament directors will likely move some tees forward for us, the course is still going to play long for the event. For the most part, the course is fairly forgiving off of the tee and even offers quite a bit of room around the greens, but there are plenty of things to make the course very difficult. A lot of long irons, some gnarly bermuda rough, and a lot of huge slopes and run-offs around the greens will present some challenges while the lack of any reachable par-fives or short par-threes and fours will ensure that birdies don't come easily. It will be a battle, but I love that!

I'm ready to get started. I really do feel like my game is strong, and I know that I have both ability and the attitude to be successful this week. I'm going to keep smiling and enjoying myself. I'm also going to commit to my routine on every shot and believe in myself from beginning to end. 72 holes is a lot of golf on any course, but it is a whole lot of golf on this course. I'm going to be patient and confident, and I'm going to have fun. If I do these three things, I will be successful. I can't wait to go do it! I start at 9:20 tomorrow morning. Come back here for a Round 1 update tomorrow and follow the results at:

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