Monday, November 1, 2010

I Know Where I'm Going!

That title of today's post can be interpreted a couple of different ways. It could mean that I know where I'm going in terms of the trajectory that my career will take. I'm fairly certain that I do know that. My game has been progressing so much throughout this year that I believe it is just a matter of time before I make it to the highest level of golf. However, in a more immediate and concrete interpretation of that title, I know where I am going for the Second Stage of PGA Tour Qualifying School. I got my course assignment today, and I'll be heading to the Member's Course at Redstone Golf Club in Humble, Texas, for Second Stage. Humble is a suburb about twenty miles north of Houston. I've never been to Redstone before, but I know that it will be a great course, and I'm sure that if I continue to have fun and play well, I will be successful there.

The dates of competition for Second Stage at that site are November 16-19 and official on-site practice will be the 14th and 15th. I haven't really decided exactly what my travel plans will be or what route I'll take to get to Houston, but I'll get that figured out in the coming week. I'm going to inquire with the Club about the possibility of getting some host housing on site, but if anyone has any contacts on the north side of Houston, I would love to find a nice family to stay with for the week. I have had some great luck finding hosts this year, and I'm so thankful to all of you who follow and support me and have helped in so many ways!

I was in the middle of a practice session today when I went inside for a minute and got on the computer. I checked my e-mail and saw my course assignment had been sent a day early. It was so motivating for me to have that information in front of me. I had a great practice today in which I worked on a little bit of everything. I spent time on the range working on alignment and hitting different types of shots before spending a couple of really solid hours on the putting and chipping greens. At the end of the day, Bobbo spent about half an hour watching me hit some more balls on the range. He said everything looks great, and that is what I wanted to hear because it is feeling really good, too. Second Stage begins for me in two weeks, and I know that I will be firing on all cylinders when it does.

I'm going to spend a lot of time practicing on the golf course in the coming days, and will also continue to really emphasize wedge play and putting in my practice routine. Keep it here for practice reports and more news as I prepare for Second Stage. It's an exciting time of year, and I'm going to work hard and enjoy every minute of it!

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