Thursday, November 4, 2010

Enjoying My "Work"

I'm chasing my dream right now and having a blast doing it. I've been home in Tennessee for the last five days and have known for four days that I'll be heading to Houston, TX, for the Second Stage of Q-school at the end of next week. That means I'm combining two of my favorite things in the world this week: time with my family in East TN and preparation for an intense competition. I love the relaxing nature of life at Home, and I also love the feeling of my competitive juices flowing as I work to get ready for Stage 2.

My sister Laura drove in for a long weekend from Washington D.C. where she practices Physical Therapy, so this weekend will provide some awesome distractions from golf--thought I don't think I'll take any days completely off. I'll fit in some sort of practice every day just to keep everything feeling fresh, but it will be really good for me to enjoy some time in the Great Smokey Mountains and with a frisbee out in the yard, too. A healthy balance in life is definitely one of my keys to success, and the great people around me all the time help keep me from getting too one-dimensional.

With that said, I have been putting in full days of work all week up to this point. My practices have been great. I have spent some solid time on the driving range this week, but my most productive work has come on the chipping green, putting green, and especially the golf course. I feel pretty darn comfortable with all aspects of my game right now, but I have really dedicated a lot of time this week to my wedge play and short game. I'm still chipping with a variety of clubs from around the greens, and I'm finding that doing so just helps make a lot of shots around the greens easier for me. I've also been trying very hard to dial in my distance control with my wedges, and really like the way I've been able to hit the "in-between-yardage" wedge shots lately. In addition to all of that, I have been hitting a lot of fairways and have been very solid with the putter. My game feels good!

I'm going to have a fun weekend with my family. Some short to medium-length practices will ensure that my golf game stays at a physical peak, but more than that, some fun times with people I love will ensure that I stay right where I need to be mentally. Life is great, and I absolutely love what I do! As long as I remember to smile and enjoy myself, I know that can make it a long way in golf. And with the awesome people that give me unconditional love and support, I ought to be able to smile and enjoy myself all the time!

Come back here at the end of the weekend for a report on the weekend's activities and a good practice report!

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