Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting Closer

Exactly one week from today (next Tuesday), I will tee it up in the first round of the Second Stage of PGA Tour Qualifying. I'm still not entirely certain how or when I will be arriving in Humble, Texas, (just north of Houston) but I am certain that my golf game will be very good when I do. I've had two really good days of a practice the last two days, and I've narrowed my travel options down to two possibilities for getting to Houston, so I'm feeling good!

On Monday I did a little practicing in the morning and then played a round of golf with a couple of my best friends from back in my high school days. It was a fun afternoon, and my game felt pretty solid. Today, I did something that I rarely do: practiced for almost six hours without playing any holes. I had a very good session by myself on the driving range this morning before having some great practice on the putting green and around the chipping green for hours this afternoon. I ended the day by going back to the driving range with Bobbo. He confirmed exactly what I've been feeling: everything looks solid. I was hitting all sorts of shots today, from little three-quarter wedges to high drawing drivers, and for the most part, I felt comfortable with all of them. It was definitely a great day of practice.

For my trip to Houston, I have two possible travel plans. I might fly into Houston on an early flight Sunday morning, or I might road trip it down there on Saturday with my good friend Buddy McMahan from East TN. There are a couple of variables that I'm waiting to hear about that will influence my decision. I hope to have a firm answer by Wednesday afternoon so that I can start moving forward with a game plan in mind. Both options are good, and in either case I'm just excited to get there and get in some practice on the Member's Course at Redstone Golf Club.

Everything is feeling good. My golf game is great; I've been staying commited to a good workout and running routine, so I feel great; and it is getting close to time when I get to compete again. I can't wait! I've still got a few more days to make sure that everything is fine-tuned, and I will definitely take advantage of them. Keep it here for more updates and a confirmation of travel plans.

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