Thursday, November 11, 2010

Plans are In

Alright! I still know that my game is ready for Stage 2 of PGA Tour Q-school, and now I know how I'm getting there, too. My friends Kay and John Ballard, who have twice hosted me in Lincoln, Nebraska, have taken care of me yet again by setting me up with a family in the Woodlands, which is a golf community some twenty miles north of Humble, Texas, the town where I'll be playing Second Stage. So with that confirmed, I have booked a flight and reserved a car. I'll fly out of Atlanta, Georgia, early Sunday morning and arrive in Houston at 8:42 a.m. I'll pick up my car at the airport and head straight to Redstone Golf Club for a Sunday afternoon practice round. Flying is a great idea because it will both save my back from a 15-hour trip in the car and allow me have great days of practice on Saturday at home and on Sunday at the tournament site. Special thanks go out to the Ballards for finding me a host, the Hauns (my hosts, whom I look forward to meeting), and my sis Gina and her husband Jake for the help they are going to provide getting me to the airport Sunday morning. I'm very excited about the way everything has worked out, and I think these travel plans will be a great part of a winning formula for Second Stage!

My golf game still feels great, too. I played a fun round of golf with some friends and a little cash on the line on Wednesday. The bet probably wasn't fair even before my partner and I both dropped bogey-free 66's on the opposition. Needless to say, we did alright! Today seemed more like "work" as I spent a lot of time on the driving range and putting green before walking nine holes with a couple balls in my pocket late in the day. I love my work! My tee shots, wedge shots, and putting all were extremely good today. I actually hit some lousy iron shots and will definitely address that with some practice tomorrow, but I don't feel like it's anything to worry about. I know I'm swinging well, so good shots will most definitely follow.

I'm going to have another full day of practice Friday and a fairly full day on Saturday as well before driving down to Atlanta Saturday evening. I want to have a long session working on distance control with my wedges one day, but other than that, I think I'll spend most of my practice time out on the course working on getting the ball in the hole. I'm already pretty good at that, but I love getting better! Keep it here for another report before the trip to Houston. Thank you for following!

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