Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week One Done; It's Going to Be a Great Year

The East Tennessee weather could not have been more cooperative for the first week of work in my 2013 golf campaign. I established my goals for the year last week and stated that January 7 would be the beginning of my work year and the day that I would begin being accountable for weekly practice goals. I had fantastic January weather the past seven days and am incredibly pleased with the way my first official week of practice went. I finished all of my work goals, and my golf game showed some very positive signs. I feel confident that the past week is the start of what is going to be a very good year for me.

I played a lot of golf over the past week. I had two big matches to start the week on Monday and Tuesday at Holston Hills Country Club. I played fairly well in both matches, posting scores of 69 and 68. Tuesday's match was pretty intense, and my 68 actually cost me a little bit of money. I definitely had my competitive juices flowing, though, and it felt like tournament golf. I was able to have more matches the rest of the week as well. One of my former college teammates, Englishman Will Harrold, is spending a week and a half with me as he prepares for his second year of professional golf in Europe and Asia. We played a nine-hole match at Millstone, a great match at The Country Club and then two matches at Dandridge Golf Course over the weekend. After struggling on the front nine at The Country Club, I was battling hard to come back against Will, but he matched my four-under-par performance on the back nine to claim a victory from me on Thursday. I got him over the weekend at Dandridge, though. I actually had a golden opportunity to shoot 59 on Saturday as I arrived at the par-5 finishing hole needing just a birdie to reach the milestone. A nervous tee shot forced a lay-up, though, and an overly amped-up wedge for my third traveled too far. I lipped out a long-ish putt for the 59 and had to settle for a 60. Dandridge Golf Course is not an overly demanding track by any means, but I'll take a 60 on January 12th. My game showed positive signs every day this week, and I definitely feel like things are heading in the right direction.

In addition to the matches, it was a solid week of practice. I had a couple of good range sessions and did some positive work with Bobbo as we continue to hone some slight changes to my golf swing. My putting work was very good this week, and I'm excited to be back in good habits with my short game practice. I did a good job of maintaining my fitness over the Holidays, but I like my workout goals for 2013 and feel like I executed them very well in week 1. The past week was thorough, and I am pumped about the standard it has set for the year.

Great things are going to happen this year. I plan to play more than ever before, and I know that my game will rise to the occasion. My schedule will look a little bit different (in an exciting way) in 2013, and I promise to unveil my competitive plans for the year within the next week.

Thank you very much for keeping up with me. I really do appreciate your support. Keep it here for more practice reports and that preview of my 2013 schedule!

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