Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Stick Report

I sat inside yesterday (Wednesday) and watched a deluge outside. I was bummed because my practice is feeling so good that I just want to have more of it, but given the severe nature of the storms that affected a lot of areas in the Southeast, I am thankful that nothing too crazy happened around here. A day off here and there is actually very good for me, and I can still be productive in the house. “Productive” is certainly a good work to describe my last few days, and I am really feeling good about things.

I had an efficient practice session on Sunday morning during which I polished off the work goals that I had remaining last week. Sunday afternoon was a travel day, and my caddy—my mom :)—and I drove down to St. Simons Island, GA, where on Monday morning, I had an appointment at the club fitting center at Sea Island Golf Club. It had been two years since I was last fit for my golf clubs, so it was nice to check out all of the new offerings and re-check all of my specifics. I was hitting the ball well during my fitting, so I feel like I was able to get some accurate information. It turned out that most of my clubs were still pretty much right for me, but I did find a new three-wood that gave me improved performance. In addition to that, I switched to a different set of irons and changed to a new shaft in my irons. Here is a list of all the new goodies that are coming my way in the next week or so (I’ll give the full detailed report here for those of you who care, but I honestly don’t know much about any of these fancy shafts and such):

Driver: 913 D3; 8.5 degree; Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black 70X

3 wood: 913 F; 13.5 degree; Aldila RIP Alpha 80X

Hybrid: 913 H; 19 degree; Fujikura Speeder 904H X

Irons: 4-PW; 712 AP2; Project X Pxi 6.5; 2 degrees upright; 4-iron one degree strong

           Also 4i & 5i; 712 AP1; Project X Pxi 6.5; 2 degrees upright

I’m very excited to get the new irons because they are going to be much more forgiving than my current set without sacrificing any performance. I am definitely all about irons that can help make golf a little easier for me, and that is why I also tried out some AP1 long irons. The AP1 is a very big iron with a huge sweet spot and a hot face. I’m not sure whether or not I will use the bigger long irons, but it will be nice to have the option.

Though I was hoping to find some equipment that would give me an extra 50 yards off the tee, I am very happy with the way that my fitting went. I am excited to get my new tools!

For now it’s time to get back to work. The travel day on Monday afternoon and the washout yesterday have me a little bit behind on my practice for the week, and cold temperatures promise to make the rest of the week challenging, but I like a challenge. Two weeks from today is the first round of my first tournament of 2013. I feel very good about my preparation, but I need to have solid work the next couple weeks. I will be ready.

Come back over the weekend for a progress report. Thank you for keeping up with me!

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