Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quick Pre Final-Round Update

It has been a crazy week, and I don't have any time to write right now, but I want to let you all know what has happened at this week's eGolf event at Olde Sycamore. Here is the bullet point version:

After a poor ball-striking performance in the Tour Monday Qualifier this week, I was determined to clean up my performance and have a great eGolf event. In the beginning, I didn't.

In Wednesday's opening round of the tournament, I was two over par through one hole, three over par through three holes, and four over par through six holes. I battled hard all day, but could manage only a two-over-par round of 74.

I had a good afternoon of practice on Wednesday and had more good work on Thursday morning. I really didn't feel a lot better on the course on Thursday afternoon than I had in Wednesday's first round, but I posted a six-birdie, no bogey round of 66.

I have safely made the cut and will tee it up in Friday's final round at 8:30. I am pumped to still be playing!

It's going to be a busy weekend, but I will definitely be back to give you the final report from Olde Sycamore and information about the exciting stuff that is approaching for me.

Thank you so much for keeping up with me!

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