Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things Going Well in Kansas City

My excursion out to Kansas City has gone perfectly so far. My friend Bud Reynolds was successfully married yesterday in a great ceremony that capped off three nights of fun wedding preparation. That was great because I was able to meet some new friends and also reconnect with some very good friends from my past. In addition to the wedding and wedding prep, my days here in KC have also been extremely productive. Good weather and a great place to practice have allowed me to make some big steps forward in my golf game. I have been able to stay on top of my fitness work, too, so I am feeling good all-around. The last four days have been great!

On Wednesday and Thursday, I practiced hard both days without playing any golf on the course. I have always preferred to practice on the course, but I think I needed to have a couple of good range sessions, and I really have seen strong improvements from my mid-week work. In addition to the driving range, I was also fortunate enough to have a world-class short game area at my disposal, and I spent hours working on my wedge play, chipping, and bunker play. I feel awesome about the work that I did, and the benefits really showed the last two days. On Friday and Saturday I played with some friends at Indian Hills Country Club, and despite gusty winds, all areas of my game looked good both days. On Saturday, with winds gusting from 25 to 35 mph, I shot even-par 70 on a fairly tough golf course even with a brain-slip triple bogey on a hole. I really played well and felt great about my game!

Things have gone very well so far on this trip, and I am looking forward to more fun and productivity in the next few days. Keep it here for another update from KC soon!

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