Friday, November 11, 2011

A Great Week

I have done a lot of good work this week. I have had very well-rounded practice sessions and have also played quite a bit of golf. Solid morning workouts have me feeling more fit and flexible. I feel great all-around and am excited to keep working on it.

Bobbo and I worked together a couple of times this week to see if some of the changes we have talked about are taking hold, and we both think that I'm on the right track. I'm trying to add a little bit of width to my backswing and get my lower body, rather than my arms, to start my downswing. The new position at the top of my backswing still feels a little awkward and causes some inconsistencies, but when I get it right, I hit shots that are even better than my good ones used to be. I feel more and more comfortable every day, and I'm really excited about the potential I see from my ball-striking.

Perhaps even more exciting are the great results I've been seeing from my short-game work. I'm not trying to change anything with my technique around the greens, I'm just making practicing my chipping, pitching, and bunker play an everyday priority, and it is cool to see how quickly my execution and touch have improved on all sorts of shots near the greens.

After a lot of holes played by myself and a lot of time spent practicing early in the week, I had a fun match on Thursday. Playing a course called Ruggles Ferry with a friend of mine named Jonathon Hodge, I put my work to the test under a little competition. I definitely hit a lot of shots where I looked uncomfortable, but I also hit some really good shots. I ended up shooting two under par and tying my buddy in the match. While neither of those results thrill me, I am very happy with a lot of the shots that I hit and a few putts that I made when I needed to. My game felt good, and I know that it will only be improving.

Right now I'm on the road with my family. I will be a bit of a traveling man for the next couple weeks as I'm heading to Washington D.C. right now for a four day stay with my sister before flying from D.C. to Kansas City to be in an old friend's wedding. After that, I will fly back to D.C. for Thanksgiving with my Dad's parents in Maryland. I'm excited to spend some time with some very cool people, but also am pumped to play and practice in some new places. I am going to keep getting better, and my travels are not going to slow that down.

Everything is going well, and I am feeling good. Keep it here for reports from D.C. and Kansas City. There should be great times and good practice. I'll keep you updated!

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