Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Holiday; Good Work

The Malnati Thanksgiving was a huge success in Maryland with my Dad's parents. Good times with great people and of course great food made for an extremely good week, and the fact that we had perfect weather only added to that. I spent more time with a frisbee in my hand than a golf club, but I was able to practice a little bit (see my driving range in the picture above!) and also stayed very much on top of my fitness work. Thanksgiving week was extremely enjoyable but still productive in terms of my progress with golf, so I'm feeling great.

My driving range at my grandparent's house was pretty darn cool. Each day I would launch shots from their yard into the river nearly 100ft below. It was fun to hit a variety of shots from that high vantage point because the ball would stay in the air forever and its curvature was exaggerated. Between hitting balls that way and chipping around the yard, I really did get in some good practice.

I am also excited by how fit I feel that I am becoming. Both my runs and my strength training are getting more demanding, but my body is responding beautifully. I knocked out a 7.1 mile run in less than 50 minutes on Thanksgiving morning. I had to make room for all the Turkey!

On Sunday morning, I had my meeting with Dr. Eric Hegedus in North Carolina to talk about my fitness and ensure that the work I am doing is contributing to improved golf performance. The results were great. The most resounding message that I took from our meeting is that the things that I am currently doing are working. That was encouraging to hear, but we also pinpointed a couple of weak areas on which I can work. A loose right shoulder (lingering effect from a college injury) and poor internal hip rotation were the two major physical weaknesses that I can improve with some added exercises and stretching, but Dr.Hegedus also thinks that I can become more efficient in my golf swing by implementing a slight change in posture. I have always hyper-extended my back a little bit over the golf ball, and by relaxing my lower back a little but at address, I might be able to turn more effectively. I am excited to get to work on a couple of new things, and equally excited to have confirmation that the things I have been doing are working. 

I definitely feel like I am improving in a lot of ways right now, and I'm excited to keep that going. I'm back home for a few days, so I should have some good practice and at least a couple of good matches to tell you about in the next few days. Keep it here for more progress reports. Thank you for following!

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