Monday, September 26, 2011

Ready to Go Again!

Here's just a quick summary of last week and a peak at what comes next:

I had a great day of practice on Saturday following the Missouri Open. I wrapped up all of my process goals for the week, and feel awesome about the work I did on my putting. My wedge play has continued to feel good, but I know that I can further sharpen that aspect of my game if I keep working on it. Everything is feeling good, and I am still very much enjoying playing and practicing, so I am excited.

I drove home on Sunday and am getting ready to leave tomorrow morning for Charlottesville, Virginia, and this week's Egolf "Fall Series" tournament. The tournament begins Wednesday morning and is at a great golf course--Spring Creek Golf Club. I will get up there in time to play a quick practice round on Tuesday afternoon. I like that golf course a lot and am ready to have a great week on the Egolf Tour.

Next week, the Nationwide Tour comes to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I will most certainly be playing in the Monday Qualifier. That is an exciting opportunity for me because I really like city of Chattanooga and am comfortable on the qualifying course and the tournament course.

I'm excited to keep playing well and to continue getting better. I still feel like great things are coming! Keep it here for me news and for updates from the Egolf tournament in Charlottesville.

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