Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Acknowledging Some Challenges, But Ready to Go in MO Open!

The Missouri Open gets under way tomorrow morning at the Club at Old Hawthorne. I have continued to have great practice and feel very thoroughly prepared to play well in this event. Entering this event, I know that I have a lot of people here in Columbia, MO, who are rooting for me, and quite frankly, I know that many of them expect me to win. I definitely want to deliver and believe that I can, but it will be very important that I approach this like every other tournament I play and have a present-minded focus on each and every shot. With that said, I am very confident and ready to execute well this week.

I tee off at 8:50 tomorrow morning in the first round. The Missouri Open is only 36 holes, but that doesn't really change my mindset very much. If I can have a smart game plan for every shot, commit to that plan, and execute confidently, I will be in great shape. I know that this tournament will be fun! Come back for a round 1 update tomorrow.

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