Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Daily Grind... :)

It's pretty cool being able to practice and play golf eight to 10 hours per day and call it my job! People talk about getting burned out, but I haven't seen any signs of that. I know the continuous travel and potential loneliness of the road will be the real challenge, but I am really looking forward to conquering the difficulties that accompany my new life as a professional golfer!

I'm continuing to progress nicely. I feel like my short game and especially my putting are in good shape. I'm looking forward to getting the putter back in action under tournament conditions because it continues to feel better and better in practice. 

I'm still fighting some quirky issues with my ball flight. I have been hitting a lot of cut shots, and I'm really having trouble getting the ball to start right of the target and turn over to the left. I'll think I've got it fixed one minute only to see the consistent left-to-right shot pattern reemerge moments later. I'm still very encouraged by the consistency of it all, I just want to make sure I'm not becoming one dimensional with my ball-striking. I'll see my coach, Bobbo, on Saturday, and together we'll make sure everything is on the right track. 

I'm heading HOME to East Tennessee tomorrow. I'm going to practice hard this weekend and hopefully be ready to go low in the Monday Qualifier for the Nationwide Tour's Chattanooga Classic. I tee off at 1:20 on Monday afternoon at Cleveland Country Club. Last year I think it took six under to qualify for the tournament, but it's a short course that offers a lot of birdie opportunities. I'll be ready to take advantage!!

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