Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Q-school: Stage 1, Round 1

I feel like the Florence Country Club suits me well. It's important to hit fairways and putt well, two of my strengths. Unfortunately, I did neither today. I'm not entirely sure what I did do right, but I managed my way around the course to a 68 despite hitting just four fairways and having 31 putts. I felt like I hit a lot of good putts today, but made nothing and missed three putts inside of four feet. Despite the waywardness of my drives, I kept my ball out of serious trouble and still hit most (14) of the greens. Bottom line: I don't feel like I was far off today!

I'm currently sitting in a tie for 16th. The top 21 out of the 78 players in the field will advance to the Second Stage. It's way too early in the week to be thinking about that, though. I'm just going to go out there tomorrow and clean up some of the sloppiness from today and shoot a good number. I like where I'm sitting, and I'm excited play better tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

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