Friday, October 23, 2009

Q-school: Stage 1, Round 3

Overall, round three was solid for me today. I hit a lot of greens, made few mistakes, and stuck to my game plan of playing aggressively all day. I wasn't quite as sharp on my execution today as I was in round two, but I still shot a one-under-par round of 69. This score was not bad as the course played slightly tougher today with a fairly constant 15 mile per hour breeze. 

I missed five more fairways today though I feel like I hit the driver pretty well. I never got in much trouble, but I still want to be sharper off the tee, and I know it will save me shots if I'm playing from the short grass.

I had mixed results on the greens today. I rolled in a couple of longer putts which is something I've really been working hard to do, but I missed two putts today that were not three feet long. One was a poorly trusted line and the other was just a lack of focus. Never the less, I spent a couple hours doing some putting drills after the round, and I love the way I'm rolling the ball. 

I'm still tied for third after today's round, and I'm one solid round away from moving one step closer to the PGA Tour. I'm relaxed, confident, and ready to keep having fun chasing my dream! 

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