Monday, August 17, 2015

Springfield Wrap-up

Everything except for the final result was exactly what I wanted from my week at the Tour's event in Springfield. I had a focused week of work and completed a Full Fitness Routine and a Full Practice Schedule. I regained my process-oriented perspective, and I felt successful regardless of my scores on the course. And, as a bonus, my performance on the course was definitely a step in the right direction as well. I  started to feel that I was in control of the ball off the tee again, and I gave myself a tremendous amount of birdie opportunities throughout the tournament. At the end of the day on Sunday, some poor back-nine putting and one horrific iron shot on the penultimate hole marred the final results just a little bit, but they do nothing to change my feelings about the week in Springfield. I am feeling great and am excited to keep up the good work moving forward. 

Alicia and I are currently traveling home, but this time we're traveling home for a tournament. The Tour is in Knoxville this week, and we are excited for our home game! It will be nice to be surrounded by the comfort and support of my home community, but I will definitely have to work hard to stay focused on taking care of business. I'm ready and excited to do that. 

I have been adamant for the past several months that I am chasing the Outcome Goal of being number one on the Tour money list at the end of the season. That hill to reach that goal had gotten steeper over the past few weeks as top players have won the last three events. I currently sit in fourth place on the list and have quite a large deficit. The good news is that I am feeling great and have six events, including four with the biggest purses of the year, remaining to reach my goal. I know that it will take quite an effort, but I believe that I will achieve my goal. I also know that the formula for achieving the outcome that I want is to stay committed to my process, and I'm going to do that.

I'm excited to get home and get to work at the Tour event in my town. The last time I teed it up in Knoxville, the results were pretty cool! 

Thank you for following and believing in me. Keep it here for updates throughout the week!

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