Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy in Portland and Ready to Trust

I have had two great days of work here in the Greater-Portland area heading into the final Tour event of the regular season. I have been on-point with my preparation, and I am feeling energized and ready to go. It is easy to feel energized here because the weather and the golf course are both incredible, but I would be feeling good anywhere after my last two days. I am excited to keep up the good work and have a great week here.

The host venue for this event is called the Witch Hollow Course at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, and it is absolutely fantastic. It is beautiful, well-conditioned, and very demanding. I am excited to play it, and I feel prepared to play it well.

My practice has felt excellent the last two days, and I have hit on a little key that has really helped. I need to make sure I follow my pre-shot mental routine all the way through to the last step, which is saying the word "Trust" as I start my swing or stroke. I noticed even in my practice drills over the last two days that I was trying to steer or guide the ball towards my target rather than trusting my process and letting the club flow. I vow this week to be process-oriented and to trust myself and my plan on every shot. I'm going to do that, and I'm going to let the club swing confidently on every shot. 

It's going to be a great week, and I am excited for it. Keep it here for updates after the rounds and thank you for following me!


  1. Peter - not your best start....but... nobody will remember who won this tournament come next week. But the will remember the new household phrase...."All of that...for That"...

    Too Cool - loved it!! Ya gotta love the confidence to go for it. Turn it around today, make the cut and win the tournament!!!

  2. Way to keep your chin up, pal! As always, I'm proud of your grace and spirit! Good things will come; go get it!


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