Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Prepared in Springfield

I am ready to play great in Springfield. I've had two fantastic days of preparation, I really like the course, and I feel like my game is starting to click again. There are a couple of sad things going on in my life and especially the lives of those around me, and those things are definitely a little bit distracting, but the best thing that I can do is be focused and take care of business when I'm at the golf course. I've been doing that for the past two days in Springfield and am ready to keep it up through the tournament. I am going to have a great attitude, enjoy playing golf, and believe in myself over every shot this week. I'm excited for a good one. Keep it here for updates during the tournament, and thank you for following me. 


  1. Believing in you back in Dandridge. May you be in the moment every moment. Peace be to you and yours.

    Brian Austin

  2. Good to see you on the leaderboard again...have a great weekend.....would like to see the Number 1 on your caddies jersey at Fox Den!!


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