Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Change of Plans; Great Opportunity

Alicia and I traveled to San Francisco on Monday morning to begin preparations for this week's Tour event at the TPC Stonebrae. When we arrived, however, I got a call from the PGA Tour office telling me that I was in the field for the Barbasol Championship in Opelika, Alabama. The Barbasol is a brand new Tour event held opposite the British Open. My 176th place finish on last year's Fed-Ex Cup list does not offer me PGA Tour membership, but it does grant me access to PGA Tour events in a "field-filling" category. Apparently the Barbasol field needed players, so I got a call. When we first got the call, my instinct was to stay in California and continue my good play on the Tour. Alicia quickly encouraged me to look at flights, though. Her logic was really good. She said, "you are playing well enough to win. Let's go win a Tour event!" I couldn't argue with that, and we found a flight that could get us to the Southeast in time for a practice round, so we pulled an audible. I will be competing on the PGA Tour this week, and just like Alicia said, I'm going to give myself a chance to win! 

I'm definitely a little bit worn out from the sudden change in plans and extra travel, but I have this Wednesday off, so I'll rest. I'll be ready to play when Thursday morning rolls around. I'm determined to have a solid week and stay committed to the plan which has brought me success this year. I'm going to prepare well, have a great attitude on every shot, and believe that I can win the tournament. I'm excited for this opportunity. 

Thank you for following me, and keep it here for updates from the Barbasol Championship! 


  1. Stick to your process!
    Rooting for you!

  2. I walked all over Stonebrae today; you would have liked it ! One of the best views in the world and a course that would have suited your game, I think. Anyway, on to the next....

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