Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Off-Season but I'm On-Track!

December 8-14 was one of the best and most thorough weeks of practice I have ever had. That week, I set out to complete my Full Practice Schedule and Full Workout Routine. I was in Florida with fairly warm weather, which helped, but I completed all of my practice by Friday and easily finished all of my workouts, too. The past seven days have been a different story. Despite having reasonably nice weather in Tennessee, my practice drills really made me work this past week. I needed to complete only a Light Practice Schedule to finish the practice requirements set out in my "off-season plan" that I published seven weeks ago, and it took me until the very last glimmer of sunlight on Sunday afternoon to do that. I'm not sure why some weeks are harder than others, but I'm thankful for the challenge. This week it took some perseverance and a great attitude, but I completed my Light Practice Schedule and my Full Fitness Routine. It is so valuable for me to have a goal and achieve it, and I am feeling great right now.

Seven weeks ago I published my off-season goals and committed to following a plan that would have me playing the best golf of my life by January 1, 2015. So far, I have followed that plan perfectly. In fact, I have no remaining practice requirements in that plan and have only a Light Fitness Routine to complete over the next ten days in order to check off everything from my off-season goals. I'm proud of the work that I have put in over the past seven weeks, and I truly feel that with some light "stay sharp" sessions over the next week and a half, I will hit 2015 playing the best golf of my life.

I feel great. I have a big post coming sometime in the next several days that outlines my 2015 Goals, and I am excited to share those. More importantly, I'm excited to get to work pursuing them! Keep it here for that update and enjoy this Christmas and Holiday Season! Thank you very much for caring about me!

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