Sunday, December 15, 2013

Two Big Weeks

I've been able to have a couple of quick practice sessions since returning home from my visit with Team Titleist in California, but it is time to really get to work. Just more than two weeks from now, I will head out to begin the PGA Tour's 2014 season with the West Coast Swing, and I will be ready to go when I leave. I have some work goals for the next two weeks, and I am excited to get after them. Here they are:

I. Putting
1.) Use alignment sticks and some form of "gateway" to check putting stroke and alignment twice per week
2.) For each day that the temperature reaches 40 degrees or higher, I must complete one of my putting drills (3-footers/6-footers/lag-drill)
II. Short Game
1.) Complete 30 minutes of short game/wedge practice for each day above 40 degrees and 1 hour of short game work for each day above 60 degrees
2.) Chip-in at least once for each day that is above 40 degrees
3.) Hole one bunker shot each week
III. Ball-striking
Hit the nine ball flights with 3 different clubs at least twice each week
IV. Fitness
1.) Complete every single bit of my workouts from the TPI (which I haven't received yet)
2.) Perform at least 10 minutes of mobility exercises five days per week

For the next two weeks, I will get these goals done. In addition to all of this, I'm going to have some competitive matches with my buddies and soak up some great time with loved ones over the Holidays, but I am pumped to get back to structured work. I will also be thinking a lot about the things that I want to accomplish in 2014 and will be writing down a new set of goals for next year. My goals will not look the exact same as the 2013 version, but one thing is for sure: I will have "Outcome" goals and "Map" goals to help me reach them. I enjoy goal setting and I believe in its value. Time to get to work!

Thank you for keeping up with me and caring about me. Come back for practice reports and updates as I move forward.

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