Sunday, May 24, 2015

"You Know What They Call Someone Who Works at It Like You?"

I was out at the practice facility where I do the majority of my work when I'm home, and a familiar face came walking towards me one evening. It was Steve Golliher, who is a life-long Knoxvillian with a strong amatuer golf career and as much love for the game as I have. Steve walked straight up to me and said, "You know what they call someone who works at it like you do?" I shrugged, and he replied simply, "A winner." With that, Steve was off into his own world to practice his game, but that simple observation meant a lot to me. And you know what? I believe him, too. 

The results that I have seen on the golf course the past two weeks appear far from that of a winner. I struggled mightily in the Tour event that ended a week ago and had to grind hard to make the cut and post a 41st place finish. This past week while home, I played 18 holes three times at three different golf courses with three different friendly competitors. I was defeated in all three matches and never posted a good score. Yet, I feel like a winner right now. Why? Because I followed my plan to a T and had a fantastic week of work. After a long and physically exhausting week of sloppy golf at the BMW Charity Pro-Am, I knew it was important for me to have a great week of work to get back on the right track and re-establish good habits. I did just that. My progress may not have shown during my three matches this week, but I am really starting to find a groove during my practice, and I know that will carry over into the busy stretch of tournament golf that is forthcoming. 

I definitely work hard at my game, but I think what separates me from my competition is the fact that I work smart. I have practice goals and a lot structure to my work each week. This week, I set out to complete my Full Fitness Routine and my Full Practice Schedule. I achieved both, and that feels great. Here is my practice journal for this week: (I know it's hard to read, but the point isn't the content; it's the fact that I track and record my practice each week.)
This week concluded the fourth five-week segment of the year for my Process Goals. By taking the week of the BMW Pro-Am off from fitness work, I made it impossible for myself to complete all of my Process Goals for this segment, but I made sure that was my only shortcoming. I completed all of my practice requirements, and with the exception of that week, completed all of my fitness work as well. 

So, yes, I do feel like a winner. I am proud of the work that I have done, but I am also very excited to stay at it. I definitely have a long way to go, much improving to do, and A LOT left to accomplish. I'm excited because the schedule really gets busy starting this week, and I am ready to play. Alicia and I are in Raleigh, NC, this week for the first of three consecutive Tour events. I will continue to prepare well and feel like a winner heading into the tournaments. I honestly believe that I will feel like the winner after some of the tournaments, too. 

Thank you for following along, believing in me, and supporting my career. Keep it here for news and updates from Raleigh!

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