Sunday, June 12, 2016


Golf has been such a struggle for me lately. Here are some objective facts. I have played the last six weeks on the PGA Tour and have missed every cut. My game at times has shown very positive signs, but I haven't been able to put it together well enough to post consecutive rounds under par in a long time. I also failed last week to qualify for the US Open. It has been a rough stretch.

You know me well enough to know that I will not be thinking negatively about this for long. I will be honest enough to say that my last two weeks in particular have had me really down. I feel like I am putting in the correct effort to get better results, but things have not quite turned around for me yet. It's frustrating, but, here comes the good news. I am home this week. I have some time to rest and live on my own schedule for a week. I have time to think, process, plan, and practice exactly as I want. Here comes the even better news. I'm still excited. I still love the mystery and the challenge of this silly game that I am lucky enough to play for a living. I definitely have some stored up frustration and disappointment inside right now, but the strongest emotion I feel is eagerness to stay after it. I love golf, and especially love the feeling of conquering it for small stretches of time, so I'm excited to keep working.

I have a little bit of analyzing planned for early in this week during which I will look into what's been causing my poor results and come up with a plan to attack it. Don't worry; I will also enjoy some lazy, quiet, restful time as well. Keep it here for an update by mid-week at the latest.

Thank you for following and caring about me. I can tell that a lot of people are rooting for me and that means a lot. Really good golf is in my very near future.


  1. Analyzing is always good, you sure can find out, which metrics have been the main root for shooting poorly. #analyticsFTW And dont forget, with your exemption, you are free to take big risks in order to maximize your chances for more titles, a great advantage to have! #withtheshieldorontheshield

  2. Clear your mind and be that determined young man that we all watched work so hard on the practice greens at Dandridge. We all have faith in you and know that it will all come together. Good luck, and safe travels.


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