Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Decision Making

I am in Panama City Beach, Florida, and I'm ready for Wednesday morning's first round of the Second Stage of PGA Tour Q-school at Hombre Golf Club. I have had two good days of practice at the Hombre, and I have learned my way around the course very well. The Hombre is a fairly short (though it has played long with cool temperatures and soft conditions the last couple days) and is definitely a ball-placement type of course. Many of the holes feature narrow landing areas off of the tee, and every hole requires a lot of precision into the green. I absolutely love golf courses like this, and I am excited to be playing here.

To be completely honest, I really don't feel that great about the way that I am hitting the golf ball right now. I have struggled to hit the ball solidly and have felt uncomfortable over most of my iron shots lately. With that said, I tried to treat both of my practice rounds as if they were qualifying rounds, and despite hitting the ball poorly, I stayed out of trouble with good decision making and used my solid short game to shoot two really good scores in the practice rounds. I played the final hole in the dark on Monday and never found my tee shot, which I had pulled to the left, so I don't know what my score was on that hole, but for the other 35 holes I played in my two practice rounds, I recorded nine birdies and just one bogey. That proves to me that I am good enough to be successful even when my game is not in top shape. The most important thing this week will be staying relaxed and executing shots with a sense of calm. Being relaxed is a choice, and therefore I can decide to do so. I will have to make a lot of good decisions this week in terms of my strategy on each and every shot, but the most important (and likely most difficult) decision I need to make is to remain calm. If I can make that decision and choose to do it all week, I can easily overcome any shortcomings from my execution.

I am ready to make that decision. I am going to enjoy myself all week. Great things are coming. You can follow the results at pgatour.com/qschool, but come back right here for nightly updates. Thank you so much for keeping up with me and for your support!

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